Wednesday, 30 August 2006

Last 2 days in Leeds

I'm out of here Saturday morning. Hard to believe it was a year as of yesterday. Been saying good-bye to people, trying to fill time, and doing a few last minute things. On to London...with job interviews lined up:) Here's a few pics from a few last get togethers.

Tuesday, 22 August 2006

Boycott Ryanair

Ok, this compant just needs to be boycotted. I've flown them once; they're cheap and get you from A to B, which was just fine at the time. But their response to the recent terror threats has been infantile and unproductive. First, they threatened to sue the government over the new luggage restrictions and security measures, if they did not reverse them within a certain amount of time.,,1853247,00.html

Now, they are charging passengers for the hand luggage they have to check as a result. Ryanair really needs to get with the program. Not that I'll have the opportunity anytime soon, but I don't plan to fly them again.

Wednesday, 9 August 2006


I'm becoming slack at this blogging thing. Perhaps that's because there's not much going on at the moment. Actually, that's not really true at all, but I'm just really sitting around waiting for things to happen. I have about three weeks left in Leeds, then I'll be heading to London, so I'm starting the job hunt while waiting for my advisor to get back from holiday so I can wrap up my dissertation. So, these days consist of watching telly and....erm, not a whole lot else other than getting ready to pack for the fourth time in a year. My 30th is on Monday, which means the summer is almost over, and we only had a couple weeks of real summer temps here in England (it's in the 60's this entire week...what rubbish!). It was in the 80's and the news was warning of heat wave problems (roll of eyes). Savouring the last few outings with new friends made this year, but looking forward to finally getting back to Chicago for a couple of months. Cross your fingers for a mild winter please;)