Wednesday, 31 May 2006

My Friday night

This was last Friday night. Me and the girls...and four 20 year old Polish guys, who made us sandwiches. And fetched us beers. Ain't life grand. Wish I had discovered them months ago. I'm movin to Poland!

Tuesday, 23 May 2006

My day

Today I went to work...and no one was there. They forgot to tell me there was no work this week as they would all be out on-site surveying.

I went to the GP to get a prescription filled and asked for a repeat, as I knew I'd need a refill. They gave me a form to fill out and mail in with a SASE or fax in...I couldn't quite figure out how that worked (I mean, do they then send me another prescription?) so I asked the pharmacist, who told me I could sign up for some free prescription refill plan and then fill out my form (that the GP gave me), bring the form to the GP's office, and then the GP would send my prescription to the pharmacy. I don't get it...why can't they just do normal refills.

Next, I go to return a lipstick sharpener to a local department store. When I went to get it, I specifically brought in my lipstick pencil and they said it would be the right size; it wasn't. They told me they don't do refunds on cosmetics, so I argued until they spoke to three different managers and finally gave me my money back, in cash. I was about to threaten to just deny the charge with my credit card company, which I would have done. Not wasting $8 on something that I can't use. Anyway, when I asked for my original receipt back, they wouldn't give it to me. I give up.

Have I mentioned I love England?

Sunday, 21 May 2006

Expat-ing again

As I sit here contemplating future life direction and avoidance of working on my lit review, certain things dominate. Such as, topics on expat message boards, regardless of what country people have come from or gone to, seem to repeat themselves. Do you ever find this tough?/I'm homesick!, Have you had trouble making friends?, What is it like to be temporarily unemployed and depending on someone else?, Help, these visa requirements are keeping me up at night? How many emails, pictures, and letters of support do we need?, Where can I find 'real' mustard/pie crusts/miracle whip/dill pickles? There are the good ones too--- Whoo-hoo, the waiting is over!, I finally got my visa/citizenship/work permit!, I passed my driving test/got my license/drove around the block, Got a job and am no longer driving both of us nuts with boredom, Going home for a visit. How could life ever be dull;)

Friday, 19 May 2006

Off to Sting's hometown

A classmate and I are off to Newcastle on Sunday. It will be a nice break from the dissertation. I've been wanting to check it out since I got here, but just have never gotten around to it. How exciting---I get to go to my favourite artist's hometown. Of course, it sounds as though it has changed quite a bit in the past few decades and the accent may be one of the most interesting things about it...that and the beer!

Thursday, 11 May 2006

Tonight, I feel cute

I'm wearing short black velvet yoga pants and a tight black babydoll top advertising the White Sox winning the World Series. My hair is up in a bun with frizzy, curly wisps sticking out because I put it up so I could take a shower just to shave my legs. It's going to be about 72 degrees tomorrow and one of my classmates and I are planning to go hang out in the park. In preparation, because I want to wear a dress and get some sun, I shaved and painted my toenails, which are now sticking out of my Merrell flip flops. Despite not being much of a girly girl, I sometimes enjoy the grooming process...especially when it's in preparation of a weekend date...which I have coming up;) Unfortunately, the weather does not bode well for us, as the temps are to drop and rain without sun is on the make. I've got some summer food planned. Now all I need is a beach blanket so we can have an indoor picnic in my shoebox room;) Ah life! as my old landlady would say. All of my assignments are turned in and 2 semesters complete, which means I now have (when grades are in) achieved my Postgraduate Diploma. Seems like I arrived only yesterday. I am now in possession of proper career potential. I have to say, I'm a bit gobsmacked, thinking back to times when I (we, my friends...used to sit around and chat about) thought life would bring more contentment when: I had a better, more fulfilling job -and/or- had a good man to come home to -and/or- lived in a more appealing place. What seemed so far away on the horizon, with no clear idea of how to achieve, feels as though it has just happened quite easily at the moment....

Wednesday, 3 May 2006

Understanding women

Just back from seeing one of my fav films. A small arts cinema nearby was showing Talk to Her tonight only. Saw it years back when it first came out, and since bought it, so was really excited to see it on the big screeen again. There is a scene in it that I find interesting (well, the entire thing is thought provoking, but this one could generate some good discussion I think). A woman and her partner and out listening to live music. She is sitting and he is standing. The music brings tears to his ears and he walks off to be by himself. She shortly follows after, reaches around to hug him from behind, and the convo goes something like this:

Lydia: "Marco, I've always wanted to ask you, why did you cry the first night we met, after you killed the snake in my house?"
Marco: "It reminded me of another time I had to kill a snake. We were in Africa. She had the same phobia as you. She was terrified, and completely naked."
Lydia: "Is she the one for whom you slept on the couch?"
Marco: "Yes."
Lydia: "I hate that woman." (Kisses Marco) "What can I do to make you forget her?"
Marco: "Exactly what you are doing."

Hopefully that'll wet your appetite to rent the movie;) More background info re: the above:

Lydia ran out of her house screaming the first night she met Marco. He gave her a lift home. He went in to kill the snake, but she refused to enter the house again and went to a hotel. Part of the reason she didn't want to return to the house was that she just ended a relationship with someone she lived with there, it is assumed. He cried after killing the snake. He later told her he could no longer sleep in his bed after ending a previous relationship and slept on the couch for a week before deciding to buy a new bed.

When I was in high school, my bf at the time pointed out a former girlfriend to me who had hurt him. I can't really remember the circumstances, but i strongly disliked her thereafter. I disliked her even after he and I had split. I find it interesting that Lydia 'hates this woman'. He was hurt by her, but he ends up attending her wedding towards the end of the movie, and is finally over her, 10 years later. Anyway, any opinions on why Lydia feels this way...and what that says about the nature of women?