Thursday, 17 April 2008

Free Lightbulbs

I walked into the bathroom this morning to find my husband using the brand new hand towel I'd purchased last week (and the only one we have at the moment) to clean off the mirror. I'd been wondering why it had recently been replaced backwards the past few days. So much for making things pretty and keeping them clean:/ I have to cut him some slack though, since Steve's got his 2nd cold in two years, and doesn't seem to know quite what to do about it, and at the same time was headed off for 3 interviews today. I'm sure he'll come home a wreck. I'm enjoying the joys of being a homeowner, and waiting around for the light bulb replacement guy to show up, after which I'll be waiting on the gutter quote guy to come by. The light bulb replacement guy is unique to South Australia as far as I know. There's a government program going on at the moment where, if you ring up 1-800-368-476 and make an appointment, not only will they send someone out to replace all of your lightbulbs with energy efficient ones, they will also replace some element of your shower so that you decrease your water usage from 21-23 liters per shower down to 9. We can't take advantage of the latter as we have gravity fed water (whatever that means I'm not 100% sure), but we've got about 30 light bulbs which we're having replaced. The fella I made the appointment with was very excited about this, as he had previously been cautioning me we had to have at least six. Lol! Who has less than 6 light bulbs in their home?! I've been warned contractors here are always late or no shows, and light bulb replacement guy is now ten minutes late. As long as he doesn't overlap with gutter quote guy, it's all good.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Get Paid to go on Vacation

Ok, so I found out today (my husband told me...the new job probably figured I already knew) that in addition to getting 4 weeks paid holiday, I also get 17.5% on top of my salary when I take those 4 weeks. So essentially, not only am I encouraged to take 4 weeks off per year, I also get paid extra to do so!

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Working Again

Well, so I'll have a brag. Less than 2 weeks in and I landed a good role in the Insurance industry. Not the location or size of company I'd prefer, but it will do for the time being and perhaps then some. It was the role I'd wanted and they'll pay to train me, plus the salary is fairly decent. Plus...I get 4 weeks vacation!

Friday, 11 April 2008

I Don't Give a F*ck

This should be the motto for life, truly. Excuse the language, but I'm enjoying my first evening to myself in at least 9 months and listening to a Wanda Sykes comedy CD one of my girlfriends back home made me. Since we lived in the hostel, I really never had any time to myself---even though we had our own room, there were always people around. Steve's out with one of his little friends tonight and I'm chillin out, enjoying my duty free gin, getting ready to watch Hot Fuzz (gotta love Simon Pegg). There was a time I really missed being single. I love my husband dearly, but once in a while, I'd kill for an evening back in my old apartment in Chicago, listening to some music loudly after work and having a lazy dinner of bread and cheese with a gin & tonic full of olives, that I'd scoop out very unladylike with a long spoon. Perhaps I shouldn't be so bothered that my husband has all his friends around. It gives me an occasional evening to be single again;)

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Life is Good

I've heard Adelaide described in two ways--Australia's largest country town, and one of Australia's hidden gems. I think it's a bit of both, so long as you don't take the former as a negative. People who live here, my husband included, seem to be very town proud. On my first stay in Adelaide, last year, it's fair to say I was fairly miserable. I've always liked Steve's family, so that wasn't an issue, but we were here as transcients on my 4 month working holiday visa, and with another international move to New Zealand, marriage and the preparation and wait for a spousal visa looming, life was hectic even if not uncertain. I projected that on my environment to an extent, and with Steve being very close to his 'mates', and me so far from my own, with not a lot of time to begin to make some new ones, life was a bit lonely. This time around though, things are very different. With 9 months in New Zealand, and in the same job the entire time, I had more stability than I'd had in my past 3-4 years of backpacking, study abroad and general nomadic life. Confidence restores inself in those situations and while the wait for the Australian spousal visa was long and tedious, my fears about coming back to Adelaide ended up to be unfounded. It's gorgeous here, we have our own wonderful house, and I've done enough work ahead of time to ensure I'll have a decent job/career and acquiantences from start. My fantastic job and co-workers in NZ has given me a new career direction as well, which I am grateful for. I have two definite meet ups planned with individuals/groups and more in the works, and some very good job prospects, so I should be working next week or so. Life is good.

Monday, 7 April 2008

My 1st Huntsman

My husband has a habit of not answering certain questions truthfully. Sometimes it is out of forgetfulness...ahem, such as 'forgetting' to mention that his best friend's wife's best friend is his ex-girlfriend. Other times, it is on purpose, like today when I went out to check the mail and encountered a big fat Huntsman spider inside (pics to follow). When I ran inside to tell him, I knew he already knew what had happened. I truly thought perhaps it was fake, but as he later told me, it's been living there for years! Aside from the initial fright, it actually wasn't that bad. I mean, it was furry, and furry animals are usually quite cute right? Too tired to write much more. Steve and I have been very busy looking for jobs, getting the house in order, etc. so more later.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

We're here!

After being awake for almost 20 hours, my mind is still buzzing too much to sleep. You see, I moved countries today, yet again. This time the move is permanent and final, though. Steve and I left New Zealand very early this morning, after having to fork over $70 in excess luggage fees (negotiated down from $110) and being randomly held up by security for a bag search. For once, we actually needed the entire two hours at the airport. One thing I won't miss about New Zealand is the customer service, but I'm already slightly homesick for the greenery and waterfront. On the other hand, I had no idea how good this house would look when we got back. Amazing how the survival instinct can kick in to allow one to survive nine months of living in a hostel. You have no idea how much you simply hate it until you have something so much better. Steve's family was kind enough to clean up the cobwebs before we arrived, which made such a huge difference coming into the house. We spent our first day here getting a bank account for me, mobile numbers, library cards for internet access, and grocery shopping, in addition to unpacking. Tomorrow we're off to get my Australian driver's license and do some job hunting online, as well as a bit more house cleaning. It seems we have a mouse who's been pooping all over the pantry:( He or she even had a go at eating my winter hat! (which wasn't in the pantry by the way) I may be investing in Tupperware after all, although I think the house traps will do the job;) Steve is crashed out asleep now and I've been wandering the house unpacking and organising a bit more, making up the spare beds, and just having a quiet look around. This house, although in need of some love, is really fantastic. The four bedrooms are all fairly large and I can't wait to get a proper guest room and office for myself set up. So much to do, but lots of time now. The neighbors are interesting---one came into our yard and cut a tree down when we were gone, which was near the property line (leaving the entire tree behind on the lawn) and the other came over as soon as we pulled up with a fence quote. Yay:/ Seems fence guy split up with his wife and we're guessing is fixing the house up to move. We have a lot to fix up before a fence. Ah what fun it is to be a foreigner and learn and new laws, like having to share the cost of a fence with the neighbors...