Wednesday, 27 September 2006

I sure hope Enron had better shredders

I've jammed the shredder here at work about three times in the last two days. The last time I had only put 4 sheets of paper in. Took me a half an hour to un-jam it yesterday, using a pair of scissors.

There seems to be quite a bit of inefficiency in temp work here. The temp agencies send you on interviews with companies who are looking to fill positions of only two weeks in length! It causes a lot of slow down. I'm waiting to hear back on about three things from three different agencies, ranging from 2 weeks to 7 weeks in duration.

Thursday, 21 September 2006

Taxes and airline tkts

Well, I caved and sent in my P46. I was hoping to get away with not paying taxes based on student status but no go since I've already completed the program:( Tax time in England is in April, so at that point, I will be a US citizen, living in Australia, filling out income tax forms for England;)

We bought our airline tickets for Australia & New Zealand last night:)

Wednesday, 20 September 2006

There's nothin better than Starbucks

Boy do I feel guilty saying that. I was craving an iced mocha this morning. Never have I intentionally planned to go to Starbucks until moving to the UK, which makes no sense since they have fantastic coffee shops all over the place, many of which are independently owned. There is, however, a Starbucks on the way to work, so I popped in this morning. Coffee over here is fantstically better than that in the states, and while I try not to have it too I think caffeine is a big no no, I occasionally cave.

This job may be over Friday, or may extend another week. I'm hoping to find something else, as it's only 32.5 hours a week and the rate of pay not as much as I'd like. I also found out I have to pay taxes, which I didn't expect as a're normally exempt while working on holiday, but this agency won't accept my P38 (student tax form) as they think I am done with my program. Ah,'s like dealing with car salespeople, honestly.

Monday, 18 September 2006

3rd weekend in London

The weather is still holding out here, amazingly. Saturday was a great day. Had a nice lunch out and braved an obstacle course of midgets, er I mean kids, at the History Museum, which was walking distance from home (long walk, but still...). Sunday I found out my boyfriend can cook a mean roast. My mouth is watering thinking of the leftovers. I don't even mind being back at work today the weekend was so good. Just doing a temp job that may end on Friday, for a charitable org. Nothing too difficult, but it's good to be busy and have money coming in. Hoping for something more perm soon;)

Wednesday, 6 September 2006

First few days in London

Back to having to use crappy internet cafes, but hopefully that won't last long. Had my first job interview yesterday with a temp agency, during which they had me fill out a form stating my marital status, religion and sexual preference. Bunch of wackos over here, hey?! Sounds as though I should be able to get work within a week or so though, fingers crossed. Just exploring the neighborhood and getting a few things done in the meantime. Weather is gorgeous:)