Wednesday, 18 April 2007

The Earth is Red

I guess the title could apply to a few things today. But literally, the earth is red in Australia. I'm referring to the dirt. It looks so exotic and strange at the same time. I'd guess it's also full of clay? It sticks to the bottoms of shoes and even blows in through the windows if you're not careful.

The shooting in Virginia has been all over the news this past day or so. All of these Australians are calling in to radio stations to give their opinion on why they think it occured. Facts remain that it isn't because we have more guns than anyone other country, and that this time it wasn't a middle class white person. I'd tend to think we have shooting like this due to the egocentric nature of the American psyche (although I'm not sure I can apply it here as it was an international student from South Korea this time). After interacting with many from different cultures around the world, I have learned that Americans have the tendency, much moreso than any other culture I've interacted with, to put themselves first. It's ingrained in us to think of ourselves ahead of anyone else, and not to be so much concerned about the results of our actions on others. Cultural differences like this are programmed in us from the time we begin to speak and socialise, I think. When Americans get desperate, they don't think about the consequences of their actions on others. This is probably part or most of the reason we are perceived poorly by the rest of the world. I'm not sure what else I think on the subject, so I'll leave it here for now.

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

My fav pic from Australia

I just saw this on a site for Adelaide blogs and had forgotten all about it. This was what I saw upon walking into the bathroom in the Adelaide airport, shortly after arriving to my new hometown:/

Who drinks out of the toilet, btw?!

Friday, 13 April 2007

Onwards & upwards

Began a new job on Tuesday…working at the Power company again, but this time in billing, so basically data entry…snooooze. In Australia, you get a 4 day weekend for Easter! Not a good things while temping, but nice to know for the future:) Anyhoo, extreme bummer to be doing data entry, as I had fingers crossed that I'd find something I could at least doctor up on my resume to look as though I'd been doing something relevant to my chosen career path. This position is for 8 weeks, but I still have feelers out for something else. The job is quite boring and I don't even have internet access---shame as there's always something to do in planning ahead/research right now. At the point in living abroad where the novelty of being somewhere new has worn off in favour of wishing for familiarity. Perhaps going to New Zealand will be refreshing in that aspect, as well as finding better work. Or just time, as at the moment I simply feel like a follower with a crappy job;)

Easter here is a bit different than home. They don't do Easter baskets the way we do. They do really big chocolate Easter eggs and choc bunnies. The adults exchange huge chocolate bars (or maybe that's just Steve's family), which was in perfect timing for hormonal cravings;) I've eaten almost 2 bars in less than a week.

Found something called bookcrossing which is a world-wide thing, but has local groups all over the world. Basically, you register books with a bookcrossing number, then give them away or leave them somewhere when you're done with them. When you get one with a number, you go onto the bookcrossing website and make a journal entry or simply log that you've received or 'released' one. I felt like a greedy American, grabbing up more than a dozen books at the first Adelaide bookcrossing meeting I went to Tuesday night, but I think most of them made their way around the table once before I got them. Nice group of people---was really good to get out and meet some peeps on my own. (Look for the books I'm reading in the left hand margin.)

Am still planning on getting some pics of the local area (Two Wells) before we move to Steve's house (which should be in a little over a week). I've now seen the two wells, which are a short drive from the house. Hmmm, maybe most towns only had one back in the day and this community named itself after it's uniqueness;) Anyhoo, while Two Wells has been a pleasant and interesting experience, I'm really looking forward to moving into Steve's place. He's got a nice, spacious house in an area with plenty of amenities and whatnot. The transport into the city is much better, so I can be a bit more independent, which means I can get involved in a few more things. As much as I wish it weren't so, I think a car is going to be a necessity once we get back here, although it will probably be some time before I can afford one. The other half has let me drive his car, and while I don't find it awkward at all to drive on 'the other side', I find that my sense of space on the left hand side of the car is a bit different…I get too close to things. I'm surprised he wasn't having a heart attack with me behind the wheel of one of his most precious possessions;)

This weekend we'll be going to a meetup with some other Americans in the area for dinner on Saturday…if I survive a night out of clubbing on Friday night with Steve. He wants to stay out til closing time, which is about 6am, and I'm begging for an 'early' night of 4am…this with getting to the club before 11pm. Supposed to be going for a drive Sunday up somewhere scenic with a group of people…erm, ok can I say this without laughing…peeps who own the same type of car as Steve. It reminds me of a visit to Denver I had once where the girl I was staying with was planning to go on a night time scooter/Vespa ride with the Mods…

Last but not least, back to the job. It really stinks, but while pausing to look through the little desk calendar, I noticed quotes on the bottom of each date, so I looked through back to the date I started, April 10th, and here is the quote:

"…Two roads diverged in a wood
And I took the one less travelled by
And that has made all the difference."
-Robert Frost (excerpt from Road Less Travelled)

Modified to add:
Perhaps the quote was a sign, as I ended up getting a new job through another agency beginning the next day. Better pay, better work, and the day started to look better. While walking home from the bus in the late afternoon, things took on a different hue and Australia began to look more appealing to me. It does have its own charm, and the vegetation, homes, and even the cows in the yard down the road (yes, will need pics very soon) looked different.

Monday, 2 April 2007

The City

Got into the city for a proper look on Saturday. Went down by the River for a walk, then over to the Botanic Garden. Off to the beach this afternoon...and to check out a Mexican restaurant, about the only one I could find here.

Sunday, 1 April 2007

Australian wildlife

Finally getting out and about seeing some things here in Adelaide. These are some pics from a touristy spot in the Hills near Steve's place. Guess there are all kinds of large things like this all over Australia...?? And here's a token kangaroo...