Friday, 26 June 2015

Is there anyone out there?

Does anyone ever visit this old blog anymore, I wonder, ten years on.  I'm just a few weeks back from a 3 week solo holiday in Europe.  It's the second international holiday I've had in the past year, and I've visited 7 countries in total amongst the two trips; 6 of them were on the latter of course, the former being to the States, where I visited the magnificent Powell's in Portland.  One of the many countries I visited while in Europe or thereabouts was Iceland, and I highly recommend a hike to the hot springs in the Reykjadalur Valley.  That little platform in photo one is where you toss off your clothes and pop on your bathers, after an hour long hike through the hills.  If you're lucky, it won't rain on your all the way back, where I learned for the first time that wearing glasses in the rain stinks.  Almost 40, wearing specs, I'm going to become my own old favourite soon.  I recall when a 40+ year old man was an exotic novelty.  Now I'm married to one.  We both loved our separate trips this year.  The 25 year old I met in the hostel bar in Copenhagen (also from Chicago) thought we must be an 'awesome' couple.