Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Adelaide Zoo

I forgot to share my zoo pics. This is what I get for posting things on Facebook - too many social media outlets! I can say that Adelaide Zoo is fairly impressive, and this is coming from a Chicago girl (we have 2 zoos and one of them is even free). The pandas are all the rage these days and bringing heaps more tourists to Adelaide. Here's Wang Wang in all his glory - no shame at all, this one!

Monday, 7 June 2010

You Been a Good 'Ole Wagon...

There's nothing like growing up spoiled to make you suffer when it finally comes time to make it on your own (meaning, buy your own shit when there's no one around to give you new or almost new stuff). I've talked about my beloved 1st car, and well appreciated 2nd car...and my absolute bomb of a 3rd car/1st car I bought on my own. This car I have now is just waiting to get defected. She has a power steering leak that isn't worth fixing. Someone let their dog chew the parking brake handle off. The last owner obviously hit something on the the front passenger side, and kept on going until a big gash was created all the way back to the back door, then filled it in with Bondo and used white spray paint, which rust is now showing through. I think someone poured Coke all over the back seat, and I recently found a half-eaten package of Tic Tacs in the crevice where you fold the back seats down. Today I was asked to take one of the work cars home for a few days....a 4wd diesel. I got home an hour a half ago and I'm still giddy. My husband, the petrol head, still doesn't realise how much we have in common when it comes to loving cars (I love the new and he loves the fast) so he laughed at me when I rang him to talk about my wonderful drive home. Keep your fingers crossed for me I get to keep this one a few days. Regardless, old wagon...sad to say, but you are soon on your way out.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

The Novelty of the Day

One of the common irritations of being an expat is being constantly asked, at the beginning of a conversation with a stranger, where one is from. It didn't bother me so much at the start of my days abroad, but at this point in time I'm over it, particularly when it comes from the local checkout person. Yesterday while hubs and I were paying for our groceries, the lady behind the till said..."And where are you folks from?" Stunned out of my flirty discussion with my man about how I'd snuck an extra chocolate bar into the cart, I turned my eyes to our lady with a glance that asked if she had two heads and said, "We're from here." Of course I got a confused look back, so I followed up by pointing to hubs and stating "He's from here. I'm from Chicago...but I live here now." That led to the usual questions about how long I've been here, and whether I like it. I realise people can't help asking, but it seems like just when I'm being most at home, I'm treated like an outsider. It gets on my tits, gives me the shits, and will probably be the same 20 years from now. My mom said the reason the checkout chick knew I was a foreigner was because I'm rude;)

Thursday, 3 June 2010

The Path to 'Normalacy'...or...It's Fun to Reflect

(Happy Bday Trang-ster!)


Just look what my husband has done to me. I read an article many years back about the new STDs, meaning bad habits you acquire as a result of a new relationship. I've had many incarnations over the years. I used to have a shaved head (and a few other unique haircuts). Now, I use a straightener:/ I blame the old man....