Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Back to the grind & feeling like an old married woman

Began working a temp job for the week at one of the Australian energy companies. The commute and getting up at 6am after three months holiday is just about killing me. Thinking about taking a job that's only 3 days a week, as it's in my industry...and I just rang the man to see what he thinks. What is it coming to.... ;)

Saturday, 24 March 2007

Two Wells, the country bus & the Milky Way

We’ve been out at Steve’s folks house since Tuesday, in a place called Two Wells, which is a small country town literally named after…two wells;) There’s a very small main street, and the ‘country bus’ line to Adelaide stops outside the Post Office three times a day to go into the city. We’re not any farther out of the city than where my mom lives…in fact we’re probably closer to Adelaide than she is to Chicago, yet the difference is vast. I still think Australia is very similar to the US as far as initial impressions/looks go, but it is definitely much more sparsely populated. That’s a necessary, it seems, as far as water is concerned, though. Many people here have tanks outside which catch the run off from the rain, as they’ve been in a drought for years. Showers have to be quicker and watering the lawn is a definite no. I’m not sure how people manage to have a grass lawn and keep it looking anywhere near decent.

Went into the city yesterday to register with employment agencies and open a bank account. Hopefully there’ll be work by sometime next week. In the meantime, just exploring things are being amazed by the differences, such as the stars. It took me by surprise that what I thought were thin clouds in the midst of the stars was actually…the Milky Way, visible to the naked eye!

Saturday, 17 March 2007

Fort Denison

Took a day trip out to Fort Dension, which is a small island out in the harbour which was initially used as a jail & defense about 200 years back. Pics of Circular Quay also included.

So far, we have visited/seen:

Bondi Beach was an experience, as we decided to walk and, ahem, weren't quite sure of exactly how to get there;) Ended up walking well over an hour in temps close to 90, I'd guess. Then, after we got there and had some lunch, it started to rain. Didn't stop us getting in the water. I'm quite convinced I've never actually been in the ocean before. Forgot it was going to be salt water until I got a big wave the face. The water was far less than calm, so I simply stayed as near to the shore as the kiddies were, but it was quite enjoyable.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, by the way. Didn't actually realise it was the day until after 2pm today. We're celebrating tomorrow, and due to the Harbour Bridge having it's 75th anniversary, there are no festivities:( I don't think we can get green beer here, but regular will do;)

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

A week later and pics

Well, been here slightly over a week and have managed not to burn yet. What a bother slapping sunscreen on every bit that shows before heading out every morning. The other side of that is that it feels like I'm on a tropical vacation. Despite the drought, it's very lush and green here (guess the tourists get the benefit of more water used in the city, since residents aren't even allowed to wash their cars...ever!). We've been running around like mad, seeing places and people. I think we pretty much avoided jetlag in the beginning completely, but have still been mildly tired from the activity. Good news is we're shedding out excess Chicago winter weight;)

Pics include, in no particular order at the moment as I may add more although you should be able to figure them out: the Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, the City from the Botanic Gardens, the City Centre (a street), a building on the same street as our hostel, the beach and the Botanic Gardens again.

Random facts about Australia:
  • Voting and recycling are mandatory

  • They have no one or two cent coins, so prices get rounded up or down. Steve told me to keep a log, as it will show me it all evens out, but I was still salty about losing my first 2 cents:<

  • Sunbathing topless is legal and overall, I would guess I am the most clothed woman Steve has ever dated judging by how these women dress, or how little they dress. Please someone tell me next time I'm home if I've turned into a hoochy;)

Sunday, 4 March 2007

Arrived in Australia

Just a quick note to say we've arrived in Sydney as of yesterday. Travelled for maybe 30 hours, including layovers, and still managed to stay awake all day Saturday after arriving at the hostel at 9,30am and not being able to check in until noon. Spent today hiking all over town. Sydney is a unique combination of old, European/English looking buildings as well as more modern stuff that is familiar. I can't yet get over the shock of being so far from home, but I think I will be able to get used to it here. It was in the high 70s/low 80s today, I would guess, and I feel wilted as Sydney is a bit humid. Steve kept telling me it wasn't hot and he always wore jeans out today because the sky was cloudy. I think the heat will be a long adjustment; let's just say I'm happy we didn't arrive during the middle of their summer and that winter here will be approaching soon. Will have some pictures soon, hopefully. Alright, still tired, so more later.