Friday, 1 June 2007

A change of plans

Well, Steve and I have decided not to move to Wellington…we're moving to Auckland instead. (Bet you thought something else was coming hey?) Steve's been afraid of the weather in Wellington for months; something about the cold and wind. The fact that he has owned a house without heat for over a decade would make one think cold temperatures are something he can easily withstand, but I guess not. Have I mentioned I've been told heat and air conditioning will not be a priority when we get back? I'm going to have to start earning good money real quick! The other reason we've decided on Auckland is because Wellington is smaller than Adelaide. I think not! Auckland, as the largest city in all of New Zealand, only has a population of 1.2 million itself, so hopefully it won't be totally crap:/ Well, regardless, I won't mind a break from Australian phrases such as 'I reckon, G'day, Good on ya and Mate.' Good on ya sounds like something you'd put on one of those stickers teachers put on 1 st graders papers…like 'Swell job done!' I thought G'day was only issued from the lips of Crocodile Dundee and Mate reserved for men, but no go. The best is 'I Reckon', will I unfortunately found myself saying for the 1 st time the other day. Might as well move to Alabama and marry my cousin!!

All in good fun!