Monday, 17 July 2006

N'orn Iron

Just back from almost two weeks in Northern Ireland. Interviewed a few stakeholders in the tourism industry for my dissertation, then travelled around a bit. Anyway, here are some pics.


steveg said...

About time too! I thought you had gone off the idea of this blog!! Hahaha :-)

Were you over there on the 12th? I ask because of the pictures of the marches.

I love Northern Ireland. I am fortunate to have spent a lot of time there over the years, and would one day like to take Paula over for a visit.


Suzer said...

yep, i was there on the 12th. honestly, i can't really see what the big deal is with the orange parades. they're mostly a bunch of old men about to keel over and die...some of them limping along or even riding in cars bc the can't walk. and the festivity around the marches is more like a 4th of july parade, although the poor kids get no candy.

ghoti said...

hiya girly, thanks for hanging out with me when you were here. it was great meeting you and i enjoyed the company :)

some of the pics i took on the hill are on my flickr which is linked on my webpage which should be linked on this post somehow someway... if you wanna see them. feel free to grab them for yourself if you are so inclined.

Suzer said...

hey you. thanks for the invite and the trip to cave hill. wish i wasn't such a lazy ass on the hiking! let me know when you will be in london next and we'll meet up for a pint or something.