Tuesday, 17 April 2007

My fav pic from Australia

I just saw this on a site for Adelaide blogs and had forgotten all about it. This was what I saw upon walking into the bathroom in the Adelaide airport, shortly after arriving to my new hometown:/

Who drinks out of the toilet, btw?!


steveg said...

"Who drinks out of the toilet btw?"

Well not you now, that's for certain! Hahaha.

Actually when you lived in Lodon that is exactly what you were drinking and coooking with. It has been estimated that for every glassful of water that reaches the sea from the Thames - it has been drank 8 times on it's way!!



Suzer said...

Oh you are foul! Are you kidding me?! No wonder there are so many outbreaks of gastro-intestinal bugs in the UK:(

steveg said...

No, I'm definitely not kidding you - however, the standard of the water supplied (after treatment)is higher than almost any in the world.

I wasn't aware of any higher level of GI bug outbreaks than anywhere else - where had you heard this?

I wish I had time (I'm at work) to check that fact I stated - I know it's true - or used to be - but it may be 6 times not 8, I am just not completely sure.

Sorry to gross you out :-(


Suzer said...

It just seemed while there that there were numerous mentions on the news of GI outbreaks...moreso than you would hear about in the States or anywhere else I've spent time.