Thursday, 5 July 2007

Auckland has...

lots of hills, public toilets, and Asian restaurants. Steve and I are going to get very fit here! The landscape is rolling, so to speak. I trudged about 20 minutes yesterday uphill in the rain coming back from a job interview in a nearby suburb. Once you get outside of the city centre, it's very green and lush...probably due to the fact that it has rained every afternoon since we arrived. I've been very good about leaving my umbrella behind lately, and am off to the main road of our suburb shortly to retrieve it from the Indian restaurant we ate at last night. While we're poor and unemployed, we're living off 2 minute noodles and frozen chiken patties at 'home', but last night we splurged on Indian as the restaurant down the road has $10 mains Monday through Wednesday;) There are so many different types of food here, although most of the restaurants seem to be Asian cuisine. Apart from actually being in Asia, I've never seen so many Asian people anywhere. It's interesting---the country is new-ish, like the US, but being part of the Commonwealth, similar to Britian in many ways, and at the same time, has an overwhelming Asian presence, which is kind of neat. Steve doesn't think it feels too different from Australia. I might agree, although it seems a lot greener.

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