Tuesday, 28 August 2007

I will be one lucky woman if I'm not sick for this wedding/honeymoon!

Seriously, everyone around me is sick...at work, the hostel...and then there is this dengue fever and contaminated water in Rarotonga...not to mention I'm due for PMS (lucky Steve!)

I think I need prayers;)


steveg said...

Hang in there girl it will all work out good in the end - just let it all flow along - be serene and enjoy it - it all lasts far too short anyway

Good Luck


Suzer said...

Gee Steve when did you start saying things like 'hang in there girl' LOL.

I'll try my best:) Thanks!

Muddiah said...

Well then, prayers are heading your way. But I think you'll be fine once you get to that lovely spot and can relax and enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Susan have been sending prayers your way nightly. Will now intensify them. Have a wonderful wedding and honeymoon.
Tilly W.