Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Things to Do, Part 3

Well, despite being incredibly busy both at work and home, I've managed to knock a few more things off my list of things to do. (Can you tell I'm a list making person?) There are a few things left, and a few things to add, some of which I've got on the brain for when my mom arrives for her 3 week visit at the end of September.

New To Do:

Things To (Possibly) Do When Mom Visits:

Any other suggestions? We also plan to do a day tour of the Barossa (hubby as the guide), a trip to Handorf, Mt Lofty & The Giant Rocking Horse and general area, including, perhaps, Melba's chocolate factory, a Sunday trip to Port Adelaide market, and am sending the mother in law and mom on a day tour of the Murray/Coorong area.


steveg said...

Experience od Paula's family visiting us moves me to recommend to you that you do not try to get your mum to see too much. I was guilty of this and ran her poor family ragged taking them here there and everywhere. In the end they had to ask for a day off the relax and do laundry, write cards etc.

For the second visit I listed the places and what was there to see, told them how long the trip might be, both in travel and in length of stay and left them to select the ones they wanted to visit - a much smarter idea.

Shame we never actually met you mum


Suzer said...

Well you may still yet, especially if you do move back to the States. And yes, I did the same when she came to NZ which is why I am showing her the options ahead of time this go around. See, great minds think alike!

Muddiah said...

Lol...Susan did wear me out in Auckland, although I did enjoy the sights and activities. I've looked over all that's posted here and putting them in some sort of ordered list. Saving grace is that I'll have some days on my own to wander about at my own pace. :-)
If ever you get to the states, Steve, you and Paula will have to get in touch. Or, perhaps we'll meet up in Australia?

Sand Gets in My Eyes said...

I'm an American expat here in Adelaide as well, tho not childless - just empty-nesters! My inlaws are arriving in September for a month as well, and like you, I've made a list of things to do and see. Tops on my list - and not on yours are Urimirra Wildlife Park near Victor Harbor and the Dolphin river Cruises up in Port Adelaide - at $3.50 pp the 2-hr cruise is the best deal in town! lol

Suzer said...

Yep we just went to Port Adelaide last weekend and I saw that Dolphin Cruise...how cheap is that?! We may definitely do that when my mom is here...I don't think I've ever seen a dolphin, other than at Sea World;)

Michelle said...

Go to Carrick Hill, the gardens are so pretty and it's an interesting slice of Adelaide history. My friend researched the dining history of that place and is a historian/consultant for the gastronomy side there.

I was gonna suggest the dolphin cruise too but you've been already. I know, how cheap is it!? So funny.

If you go up to the old Rocking Horse and stuff, have lunch in Woodside, at the Woodside Providore - good food.

Suzer said...

Thanks for the recommendations. Carrick Hill looks worth checking out.