Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The Woman of the House

I like what my mom used to say when contractors told her to talk to her husband and get back to them..."This is my house." Well, my house isn't my house yet, and even when it is, it won't be my house but our house. While my husband watched Clipsal all weekend (well most of...he did dig some holes in the yard and help me out on commercials, so I can't say he wasn't productive), I did the following, all on Sunday no less!

  • Went to the hardware store and bought string, fly screen and spline, that stuff you put around the door frame to keep out draft, mirror brackets, and an electic hedgetrimmer
  • Hooked up my new toy and trimmed some bushes. I love love love the hedgetrimmer and wish I had bought one months ago
  • With hubs help, cleaned and re-screened 3 windows
  • Scraped the old stuff from the door frame, cleaned it up, and put the new stuff on. (Man I wish I knew what that stuff was called!)
  • Decided the mirror is too thin for the brackets, so they'll go back next week when I go back to get more fly screen

Home ownership is not for wussies.


Muddiah said...

You got that right! The homeowner/wussie comment, that is. Are you thinking of weather stripping that goes around the door frame?

You can probably get some little rubbery or felt things(the ones that go on the inside of cabinet doors to soften the noise when closing) to fill in the gap if you can't get brackets to fit your thin mirror. Or, you could put something behind the mirror to make up for the thickness. Just a thought.

You go girl!!

Suzer said...

Yes well I called it weather stripping and the guy at the hardware store said that was what they called (only) the strip that goes at the bottom of the door.

I didn't even think of that for the mirror; great idea!

Muddiah said...

Another cultural difference I guess. Here weather stripping is the 'stuff' that goes around the entire door opening and the thing at the bottom is called a weather strip.

Yeah, sometimes you have to be inventive when it comes to jobs about the house. Don't wear yourself out!!

Elsja said...

You can come install fly screens in my apartment if you want :)