Thursday, 24 December 2009

Happy Christmas from Oz

Our Christmas festivities began last Friday with Steve's work xmas do. The silly little jokes and odd paper hats come out of Christmas crackers, which are placed on the table at xmas meals. The next night we were off to a Chrissie barbie at Steve's mate Steve's house (1 out of every 3 guys down under are named Steve), where Steve was busy roasting a whole lamb on the spit, and Steve was chilling out with a beer;) Tuesday night we went off to Lobethal to see the lights, where Santa was out in his front yard greeting all the passers by with a warm Aussie Ho Ho Ho. Santa's neighbour was selling cherries to all the tourists. Happy Christmas to ya'll out there, and if you're in a cooler climate, please send some snow my way!


Muddiah said...

Should I send some freezing rain also:)

Charging up the batteries for some fun pics over these next two days. Tried to catch Emma on a tear about the tree, but batteries weren't up to it:(

TED said...

After 5 very cold snowy days in Cheadle, UK, I would happily swap with you. The Snow is great, for a bit, then its just a pain in the butt.
Nice site, you should add your blog to The Expat Directory. Its an online directory/resource for expatriates, I think our users would find your blog interesting.

Have a great New Year,

Kind Regards,


Arizaphale said...

No Ted! I LOVE the snow. For some reason I missed the UK Christmas this year more than ever. Mind you, today by the pool was pretty neat so...
Glad you had a Merry Christmas mate!

A Free Man said...

There are a fair few Steves down this way aren't there? How was the lamb? Looks tasty!

Suzer said...

It was gorgeous!