Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Customer Service in Australia

Oi, can't ya see I'm busy!!


emseedubya said...

::walks up to shop attendant who is currently reading a magazine. Upon her approach, the shop attendant heaves a sigh, and rolls her eyes.::

"Oh, uh, hi, I can see you're very busy but I was just wondering, if it wouldn't be too much trouble,if I could give you some money?"

::shop attendant heaves another sigh::

"Ugh, and I suppose you'll be wanting help from me at some point as well."

"No no! I would never ask you for help or expect you to do your job in anyway! How about you sit there and, when I am ready to check out, I'll just throw the money at you on my way out the door. That way you don't have to physically interact with me at any point, and you can just keep the change. How's that?"

::Shop attendant rolls her eyes, heaves another sigh and waves me through.::

"Yeah, alright I *suppose* you can buy something."


A Free Man said...

Still better than customer service in Britain.

Suzer said...

Sad but true. How it is the people in Oz are so much more friendly and helpful in general...until they get in the workplace:/