Sunday, 10 April 2011

Coffee Anyone?

One of the differences between working in the US and Australia is that, working as an Executive Assistant, I'm expected to do menial tasks for those above me, such as getting the coffee...and occasionally even being sent to pick up lunch. I can remember only once being asked to go get lunch for a boss in the US as he was running late for a meeting, and he apologised profusely for asking. Nowadays, I'm very often asked to come into a room, take drink orders, then go make the teas and coffees. I keep my mouth shut because I like my workplace, and I know the culture is different here, but I still find it a bit off. I don't think secretaries in the US have gotten coffee since the '80s, or perhaps it began in the '70s with Iris Rivera's protest. If you're an admin, do you make the coffees, and where do you live?


MikeH said...

I have to admit, years ago when I was still living in the States, I asked my assistant (a woman) to get coffee for myself and the people i was meeting with, just to see if she would do it. She did. I was so chagrined I apologized.

Where I work now, we all take turns.

Arizaphale said...

Loved the line in 'The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest' where the boss policeman looked at his female Lieutenant and said "Coffee?" and she said, "Yes, please...white no sugar." hahahahahahah
I don't think you should be getting the coffees. Just sayin'.

Dina said...

You stepped back in time! Think of how many people wish they could do that, even if not for long..... Love this entry! Are you in the same job?