Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Are you a Trailing Spouse?

The trailing spouse is often defined as one who makes the move abroad to follow a partner on a work assignment and due to visa restrictions, is prevented from seeking employment for themselves. These spouses are often seen as either living a luxurious, carefree lifestyle, or being bored and neglected. It's a narrow definition and one that I think should be broadened. Many of us end up expats out of circumstance rather than choice. While I wanted to live abroad, Australia wasn't on my radar. Now that I've settled here I like it, but I definitely followed my husband, and I have often felt that the term trailing spouse applies to me. Did you ever consider yourself a trailing spouse, and if so, why?


Arizaphale said...

I don't think of you as trailing anything Suzer! More of a leader:-)

DElC said...

Being a trailing spouse is hard simply because you have to adapt to new environment and sacrifice your life for your husband.

Susan Wanderlust said...

I wished I was a trailing spouse. It would've made everything so much easier! Just kidding. I'm doing the move solo (will be making the big move in July) and I just wish I had an extra hand in packing, and financial matters. Right now, everything seems so overwhelming!