Saturday, 13 April 2013

Getting Ready for Winter

Sat around the table on a Friday at 4:30pm surrounded by my co-workers, my Mom, who is visiting for 3 weeks, was surprised by how many people don't have proper climate control in their homes here.  I've been telling her about it for years, but I think hearing it from the locals, and so many of them, drove it home.  It is that time of year in Australia when, despite it still being 29C out, we turn our thoughts to the cold weather coming.  In addition to the actual weather conditions this year, I'll also be thinking about my health during the long, wet season, and not just my physical health.  Whilst seasonal depression is often thought of as a Northern hemisphere problem, it can just as easily creep up on you in the Antipodean region.  While the months between May and September creep by, the dark comes upon us early, and the rains keep coming, nights at home without heat (either because you don't have it or you can't be arsed to start a fire in your combustion heater) get long and exhausting, even if it is only 14C/60F in your house most evenings.  I generally crawl into my waterbed with my dinner, and watch TV from about 7pm onwards.  That doesn't help keep me motivated and active enough, so this year, I'm making a few changes, particularly as winter will show it's face soon after one of my international visitors leaves.  I plan to use my 3 month old gym membership at least twice a week, and I have a stack of books to read.  I've also joined a few interest groups and am actively trying to meet more people and get out of the house more.  That combined with a few practical heat savings tips around the house, sealing up gaps in the walls and completing a big ensuite reno with a nice new shower...and heat lamp, and this winter should be mint!  I'll let you know how it all goes.  If you see me blogging more, that's a first indication it's all working.


boosie said...

Ha ha, winter indeed. nonetheless, making an conscious effort to get out more during the season sounds like a good idea. Take it from some someone who tends to hibernate during the Chicago winters. :)

Arizaphale said...

I loathe winter too although the installation of a gas heater a year or so ago significantly changed our lives. I don't understand why we don't do double glazing here? I mean. it gets cold enough!!

Anonymous said...

Just in case you were wondering, your blog is being read by a lot of us out there, and you have been missed. I, myself, read it for the possibility of one day visiting Australia, but taking advantage first of seeing through other Americans' eyes. I enjoy your views of not just the country's physicality, but also the rhythm and life of the people. Through your blog and others, I kind of feel that I've already been there..but I'm still coming. Anyway, welcome back and happy blogging.

A fan,

Suzer said...

Thanks so much Gina, and apologies for the very long delay in approving your comment. For some reason, I haven't been receiving notifications of comments awaiting approval :(