Thursday, 29 September 2005

A free day

Well, for the second time since I’ve started hanging my clothes out, they are being drenched by rain. By the time I noticed it was raining, it was too late to bother going out to collect everything, especially since the clothes were still wet to begin with. Oh well, I guess they’ll only be partly clean.

Finally made it to the GP today to finish registering; this consisted of a 15-minute session with the nurse. She seemed very impressed and pleased that I’d brought my lab results from my last yearly with me—said it normally takes 30 days to get them from a patient’s previous GP in the UK!!!

Paulette is baking a traditional English cake and it smells amazing. She’s made one about once a week since I arrived. Keeping my door closed seems to now be working, as she knows I’m studying;)

Have spent the last hour or so trying to muck through a 12-page article on tourism policy making in urban areas, with special reference to small businesses. Had to start the article over completely after I was about four pages into it, as I realized I hadn’t understood the first couple of pages at all. I think I now have a vague idea of some of the notions, which is important, as the instructor wrote it and will most likely expect discussion next week. The reading lists given out in my courses are ridiculously unrealistic, as one course contained about 10 recommended texts, 15 suggested, 12 journals and about 10 websites. If I were to read everything, or even half, it would be all I’d be doing, so I’m trying to choose wisely…and minimally;) I do think my slightly half-assed attitude/way of doing things will be beneficial to my stress levels on this degree. I’m going to be very curious to see how others on the course study.

Modified to add: The cake was for her friend:( And we didn’t have dinner until 10p.m., as Paulette was out running errands. Nancy (the Chinese student’s English name) and I spent the time commiserating about the house rules, etc;) This, of course, after Nancy woke me up from a blissful nap. Ah, roomates…

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