Wednesday, 5 October 2005



Hacked off = Pissed off

Pissed = Drunk

Knackered = Tired

Cheers = Thanks

For more:

And at Uni:

Tutor = Professor

Module = Class/Course

Course = Program/Degree

Term = Semester

University = College/University (College here is something you go to before University…along the lines of high school)

Bits and Bobs:

Just finished doing laundry. Fingers crossed it won’t rain today. Thought you might enjoy seeing pics of the fridge and washer. As you can see, the fridge is much smaller than what we’re used to (as the brits say, we have fridge/freezers large enough to store a dead relative.) and the washer/dryer (all in one machine, yes) is hidden behind a cabinet in the kitchen.

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