Sunday, 21 May 2006

Expat-ing again

As I sit here contemplating future life direction and avoidance of working on my lit review, certain things dominate. Such as, topics on expat message boards, regardless of what country people have come from or gone to, seem to repeat themselves. Do you ever find this tough?/I'm homesick!, Have you had trouble making friends?, What is it like to be temporarily unemployed and depending on someone else?, Help, these visa requirements are keeping me up at night? How many emails, pictures, and letters of support do we need?, Where can I find 'real' mustard/pie crusts/miracle whip/dill pickles? There are the good ones too--- Whoo-hoo, the waiting is over!, I finally got my visa/citizenship/work permit!, I passed my driving test/got my license/drove around the block, Got a job and am no longer driving both of us nuts with boredom, Going home for a visit. How could life ever be dull;)

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