Wednesday, 31 May 2006

My Friday night

This was last Friday night. Me and the girls...and four 20 year old Polish guys, who made us sandwiches. And fetched us beers. Ain't life grand. Wish I had discovered them months ago. I'm movin to Poland!


Muddiah said...

Well Poland is a hell of a lot closer than Australia, plus it's a place I'd like to visit. I'm all for that!! Go for it:-))!!!

Suzer said...

lol:) gee you don't want to visit australia? never knew poland was on yr list.

blumartinis said...

Forget the samiches! I'm feeling a crazing for kielbasa coming on ;)

All kiddin' aside, Suz, you are an awesome friend, a groovy mod (it's a mod, mod world!), and a heckuva lovely intelligent funny lady.

Now can I have their number(s)?

Suzer said...

ah now, aren't you a sweety. and you know if i had any contact info, i would so hook a sistah up;)

psst...there was some nice sausage there...on the sandwiches;)