Wednesday, 14 June 2006

This is what happens...

when you try to stay up til 4am at almost 30;)

Last night was night five of a string of kitchen parties to say farewell to people who are moving out and on and home. I believe the above was night one or two;)

I'm off home for a few days next week, then off to Northern Ireland to do my dissertation interviews, as well as some travelling for about 10 days in July.


Angie said...

What's up Susan? I was thinking about you last night saying I hadn't gotten a email from you in a while. I thought you knew, the older you get, the earlier your bedtime becomes :-) Glad to hear you're doing well. Keep up the good work in school.

Suzer said...

I know...I've been a busy girl sorry. Yeah, I do know that. It does seems to be that I can't usually stay up and out past 2-ish, but I found the solution...have parties at home! You can sit down;)