Wednesday, 20 September 2006

There's nothin better than Starbucks

Boy do I feel guilty saying that. I was craving an iced mocha this morning. Never have I intentionally planned to go to Starbucks until moving to the UK, which makes no sense since they have fantastic coffee shops all over the place, many of which are independently owned. There is, however, a Starbucks on the way to work, so I popped in this morning. Coffee over here is fantstically better than that in the states, and while I try not to have it too I think caffeine is a big no no, I occasionally cave.

This job may be over Friday, or may extend another week. I'm hoping to find something else, as it's only 32.5 hours a week and the rate of pay not as much as I'd like. I also found out I have to pay taxes, which I didn't expect as a're normally exempt while working on holiday, but this agency won't accept my P38 (student tax form) as they think I am done with my program. Ah,'s like dealing with car salespeople, honestly.

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