Monday, 18 September 2006

3rd weekend in London

The weather is still holding out here, amazingly. Saturday was a great day. Had a nice lunch out and braved an obstacle course of midgets, er I mean kids, at the History Museum, which was walking distance from home (long walk, but still...). Sunday I found out my boyfriend can cook a mean roast. My mouth is watering thinking of the leftovers. I don't even mind being back at work today the weekend was so good. Just doing a temp job that may end on Friday, for a charitable org. Nothing too difficult, but it's good to be busy and have money coming in. Hoping for something more perm soon;)


steveg said...

Sounds good - it also seems you have some even better weather coming your way tomorrow (Thursday 21st) up to 28 degrees I believe (In the 80's for our colonial readers) :-).

Glad to hear that Steve is such a good cook - how come you never asked to cook at our place? We could have forced ourselves to eat his food!! :-) :-)

Take care lass and keep in touch


Suzer said...

lol---hmmm don't think i knew he could cook quite so yum! i'm thinking i should quit cooking and leave it to him;)

80s in England is preferable to 60s, yet when it gets hot here, it is sooooo damn humid...and i have another job interview tomorrow after work, so i assume this means i will go a bit wilted looking. ah well, better sun than rain...regardless:)