Monday, 27 November 2006

Is this a new workplace trend or just England?

qWarning, this is a vent. I quite detest working in London, especially on a Monday, and particularly going back to admin work, which is inevitable at this point due to the shortness of my time here. I'm tired of being someone's bitch all the time, and I think Londoners, when commuting or out in public in general, are some of the rudest people on the planet. Last weekend, a woman purposely hit me and Steve both, separately, with her pram while we were walking along the sidewalk! This morning I got off the tube and the one woman waiting to get on just stood in front of the doors. They all do this...never moving aside to actually make space for people to get off first!

Perhaps I'm just an unfriendly witch, but I hate this open plan work space thing. I like my walls and whereas before I would look at a row of cubicles with a certain amount of distain, I quite miss them here. All of our desks are fitted together in a bit of a rectangular shape and I actually have to face other people while working, which means I can't eat my lunch without comments about what it is and being told it smells good. ('Oooh, smells like din dins---what have you got!')


Muddiah said...

Sorry, but I just have to laugh at the picture of the desks facing each other and you having to follow the English workplace etiquette. Where is that little creature falling down laughing just when I need him?!

As for the rudeness on the sidewalk, I'd probably end up getting into some fights, esp. with the person who won't move aside when I have to get off the tube!

Suzer said...

Oh it can be great if you need to relieve stress---you just elbow and shoulder people on your way out. They go flying and act all surprised;)

Muddiah said...

And the English are supposed to be all proper and such. :-))

By the way I did go to see "The Queen" weekend before last. You were right on with your comments about it. I agree with you; tabloid nonsense!!

Elisabeth said...

You are so right! Londoners are the rudest in public areas like streets, trains/tubes, and stations. It is bliss to be out of the UK now :-).