Sunday, 4 November 2007

A kitty stuck under the house, obnoxious Americans & Anti-American-isms

Woke up at 3,30am on Saturday to a strange scratching noise, stumbled over to the french doors to hear meowing, and a couple of minutes later a paw sticking out from...the floor! In the 1-inch gap between the wall and carpet tack two eyes peared up at me. One of the hostel cats has been stuck under the house now for 2 days. We've ripped a not enough big hole in the floor, called out the SPCA, taken some bricks out of the outside wall (which should be a big enough hole yet the cat is only peeking her head out for food), and as of this morning, I don't hear any more meowing, but I'm not sure if she's out. Positive thoughts needed.

The other night, I was introduced to a new hostel stayer who is from the East Coast and told he was another of my country-men. About 50% of the Americans I meet on the road are horrendously annoying, and this is one of them...talking about how much money he makes, asking others about their financial situation, being too loud and know-it-all, etc. This being said, it still hugely pisses me off when people make comments about all of us Americans based upon their experiences with a few. I've had a few of those experiences this weekend, and it's really just enough already.


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

I've met a few "ugly americans" down here. Yes, they are very obnoxious, annoying, loud, belligerent, and always comparing things to how it is in the US! When someone asks me where in the US I'm from I say Alaska and suddenly everyone is nice and friendly (they think it's part of Canada, wink).

Keep us posted on the kitty, thanks.

Suzer said...

Just went out to grab my last piece of laundry and who was sitting on a mattress by the clothesline...kitty's out.

Muddiah said...

Hopefully they put the brick back and blocked all entrances to "down under" the house.

About the loud and obnoxious Americans; I wonder about that as most of the folks I know are not that loud or obnoxious. Where do these throngs reside here in the states? Or, do they just become that way when visiting abroad?? I mean, I have met some folks that I'd rather not rub elbows with, but not that many.

Suzer said...

Yep, my old man bricked it all up. At the risk of bragging, it was really down to him that the cat got out as he took the bricks out and coaxed the cat to the hole; he seemed to be the only person the cat would stick his head out for.

I think you'd notice it more in comparing them with other travellers. Perhaps there will be a couple here while you're here.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

I think we notice them more cus they are obnoxious, whereas the nice ones are just enjoying a new country and not making *sses of themselves.

"Ugly American" tourists are in the minority of American tourists, they are just the ones that stick out the most.

Muddiah said...

Ah, I get it. Will have to keep a lookout when I get there.

elsja said...

Glad the kitty was ok. This is seriously so funny. i was JUST having these same thoughts and wrote a post about it on YDU

I feel your pain!