Thursday, 22 November 2007

Momma Down Under

Well, my mom's just finishing up her week-long visit to Auckland, and we're both totally worn out from running around like chickens with our heads cut off all week seeing things. So far, we've seen:
  • Eden Gardens (which I totally agree is one of Auckland's best kept secrets and one of the must do things here)
  • Mt Eden
  • Sky Tower
  • Downtown Auckand & Viaduct area
  • Waiwera & nearby areas on a Saturday road trip
  • Mission Bay
  • Auckland Botanic Gardens (a SERIOUS disappointment to me, although Mom liked it, but I put that down to her not seeing the Sydney & Adelaide Botanic Gardens first)
  • Newmarket & Auckland Museum (the Museum being another Auckland must do)
  • Waiheke Island on a day long vineyard tour (where by the end Mom was "make sure-ing" her glass was empty)

Amazingly, the weather has been the best it's ever been since Steve and I arrived here, with almost no rain after a week of rain every day. I'm learning what the sun down here is really like, as I burned bright red after two days of being out and about in it minus suntan lotion. Won't make that mistake again.

Pics, from top clockwise are: my sexy husband and I, a view of the city from Mission Bay, the view from Sky Tower, two photos of the Botanic Gardens, Eden Garden, and four pics from the vineyard tour.

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