Wednesday, 5 December 2007

5 months in a hostel

Well, we've been living in a hostel now for about five months. It comes with it perks and drawbacks, but you can never call it uninteresting. There are always people around to chat with, have a drink with, etc, and they're from all over the globe. And there is always someone to wake you up in the middle of the night at least once a week, making tea or a phone call in the hallway at 2am. My biggest pet peeve is that for some reason, it is obviously not a universal assumption that bathroom door shut means bathroom occupied. Thank god I've learned how to properly do the lock. Last night I had an amusing incident while sitting on the porch, which reminded me how much fun hostelling can be, if only for the diverse persons aspect. It was a nice night, and we have a gorgeous view as the hostel is at the top of a hill, so I was sitting on the porch when I heard what sounded like a rustling noise. I thought perhaps someone was having a joke. It went on for a little longer then out of the darkness came an old man with a big ole walking stick and a small plastic bag of groceries, approaching the hostel very very slowly. When he eventually got to the front door, he said in a breathless voice: "That walk up the driveway is a killer, especially at night. It's kind of spooky in the dark." What's spooky? Just an takes all types and you'd be amazed who stays in hostels.


Liz said...

HI Susan,
I heard about the lack of Christmas decorations in NZ. Not to worry we have totally outdone decorations here in Orland, even have a village party to switch on the tree lights in the village center. Enough for the entire world, I think.
Come 12/26 they will all be down.
Love the pics of Wellington, especially the stain glass window.
Love you,

Suzer said...

Yep, I thought of you when I posted that pic...thought you might like it.

Love you too