Friday, 22 February 2008

Democrats Abroad

I was sceptical of this organisation when people from it started showing up on forums and such that I am on, trying to post comments on my blog, etc, to try and get me away from voting at my local Consulate and/or via the traditional hard copy absentee ballot. People went on about how difficult it is to vote at the Consulate and/or via absentee ballot, and the truth is, it's just laziness not to. According to this CNN article, it sounds as though Democrats Abroad simply would have taken my vote away from my home state and I would have ended up giving my vote to fractions of delegates. I'm glad to see that so many expats voted, but I hope if they had the opportunity to do things the traditional way, they did so. It's better to vote than not to, but it's better to vote the absentee ballot as is than support these organisations.


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

I can see it working in the primary if you are from a very small state, population-wise. If you're in a big state then it appears absentee would be the way to go. I'm pretty sure they don't use that in the general so absentee is definitely the way to go then.

Ah, heck: Alaska is so "hardcore right wing follow the oil money redneck republican" that AK's 3 votes in the general ALWAYS go to the repub nominee... sigh...

Suzer said...

Not sure about the general election as I have pretty much ignored the group.

That's something new I didn't know about Alaska. Of course, I know f all about the state to be honest, other than that it's dark 6 months of the year?