Friday, 29 February 2008

Intolerance in Adelaide?

Just found this while doing a search for more information on an Adelaide Hare Krishna centre which offers yoga. I've never really understood the intolerance which seems so rampant against Hare Krishnas. To me (a person very anti-organised religion) I find Hare Krishnas to be some of the nicest, most unimposing religious people around. I've come into contact with many over the years who seem to be very genuinely kind people. I'm curious as to whether Adelaide is still banning them from marching in Rundle Mall. If anything, they should banish the rancid looking teenagers from congregating there; they're more of a nuisance.

I guess I should wait to make snap judgements, but I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that their vegetarian restaurant, Govinda's (which has locations all over Australia by the way), closed it's Hindley Street location and moved to Kilburn. Not quite sure yet where that is but it would be a lot more convenient to do yoga in the city after work that to have to schlep out to boopity-bop-ville:/

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