Monday, 23 June 2008


Well we finally made it to the Ethiopian restaurant on Saturday night. Steve and I both agreed it was the best one we'd been to, even topping Ras Dashen in Chicago. Abysinnian in Adelaide is fantastic, with live music, great African beers, and for $20, you can get what is called Mosab dining, which is a sampling of about 6 different dishes (ours was 3 meat and 3 veggie dishes, including Doro Wat which is my fav, plus another lamb and chicken dish). We were both ansolutely stuffed when we got home---great place to visit on date night;)

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Monika said...

Hi Suze,
I'm really enjoying your blog :)
And finding a lot in common with my own experiences!! We recently moved to Italy for my husband's job assignement (we are both Aussie's). And 6 years on, my role as a wife has changed now that I'm an expat without a career....i find the same things as you challenging at times. Take care and enjoy Australia. In my eyes, still the best country in the world. Mind you, don't you hate hearing how lucky you are to be living overseas on the 'down days'. Take care, Monika