Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Top Tips for Expat Transitions

Every once in a while I find a link to something I think every expat should read. Lately my focus has been drawn to those articles containing tips for making an easier expat transition and/or validating points relating to what the transitional period can be/is like. There is just so much out there, it's incredible, and you can go nuts sorting through it all, so I try and do a bit at a time. Find one good site and you'll find another 20 links to sort through. I take the best and place them on my links list over on the left hand side.

One excellent resource is: "
Val's Top 10 Tips for Expat Transitions"

Two common themes in many things I am reading lately are the 1) phases of adjustment and 2) re-invention of self [I'd rather call it that than loss of identity]. Surprisingly, of all the moves abroad I have done over the past few years, I've not spent much time, outside of expat forums, looking into resources for expats. Coming back to Australia, though, I felt a real need, especially due to the fact that I disliked it so much last time around. This time I knew I had to put some elbow grease into the adjustment, so to speak.

Coming upon descriptions of both the expat adjustment phases, as well as issues relating to re-invention of self, has been enormously self-validating. I recognise myself in so much of what I read. Occasionally I don't recognise myself, which is, I've learned, due to the fact that I am going through a bit of a re-invention process. Life has changed to much that I can't expect myself not to change. Resistance to change would keep any expat from making it through the phases of adjustment to the other side;)

Part of my adjustment includes getting out there and doing stuff...any stuff!

I have a new list of things to do/places I want to go:
  • Horus Egyptian Cafe & Shisha House
  • Plan a day out for Steve & I on our 1 year anniversary! We're thinking of doing something around the Murray River area, but I have no idea where to begin, to be honest
  • Attend an event hosted by the Australian American Association (maybe the 5th of July picnic)
  • A meal at My Tho Vietnamese restaurant and one at The Himalayan (Can you tell I like to eat out?)
  • Beer tasting at the Cooper's Brewery and (depsite warnings against Port Adelaide) a trip to The Port Dock Brewery Hotel
  • Still need a sighseeting day out in the city centre (have gotten some shopping in) but am wondering if that may get postponed until my mom visits
  • Er, still have not made it to yoga


Kitty said...

why on earth have you been warned about port adelaide?

Suzer said...

who knows, some people seem to think it's rough there, but it looks a bit up and coming to me.