Friday, 25 July 2008

Expats In Adelaide

Just a note for anyone who is new to Adelaide, not from Adelaide originally, and/or has repatriated and would like to get involved in an international social group...I've got a group going on Facebook called Expats in Adelaide. We have 40+ members at the moment and are growing daily. Our members include people from the US, Canada, Scotland, England, Denmark, Colombia, and even some Aussies. Last night, we had our first meet up at The Austral pub on Rundle Street and while we only had a handful of people show up, we had a great time and plan to try and hold a meet up once a month. Please join us on Facebook and/or at our next meet up. We are also a wealth of information for anyone new or soon to be new to Adelaide. If you are planning your move and have questions, or would simply like to meet up with one of us when you arrive for a coffee or walk around the city, please leave a post on the wall. Eventually, I would like to use this group to also start an expat mentoring program, so to speak, so that we can pair up someone who is new to Adelaide with someone who has been here a while, to be a mentor/contact for the new expat. Having a 'resource' in your new home can be very helpful;) Hope to see more members soon!

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