Monday, 2 February 2009

In Praise of Hot Weather

Well, I am now thinking that this whole thing has been interesting, almost to the point of enjoyment, so getting a/c could be a couple of years off, rather than next year. Our weekends lately have generally focused on either the house or Steve's cars (meaning himself working on the cars or spending all day on the sofa 'researching' car stuff). This weekend we really had no choice but to get out of the house. We spent about 6 hours at the mall Saturday. I don't think my friends and I even spent that much time at the mall when I was 13. Sunday afternoon we went to the local pool for about 3 hours. Steve's lived in the neighborhood for 12+ years and this was his first time. There are 3 pools and a waterslide (the latter costs extra so we didn't do it this time around). Two of the pools are actually covered over with pergola-type coverings and there is plenty of lawn space to chill out, much of it in shade. They even have bbqs! And this is no American-style pool...there is splashing, jumping in, and kiddies have all kinds of floaty toys. It was pretty cool.


A Free Man said...

See, it's not so bad. We've spent more time than I would like at the mall lately as well.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Pools + heat = BLOODY GREAT!!!!!

steveg said...

"American Style pool" er..... what's the difference? Surely they don't stop kids jumping in and playing do they? I accept that kids can be a bit of a pain if you want to seriously swim, and getting to my age, I want not to be splashed all the time or having to be aware of kids running by me, so I simply leave my swimming for the adult sessions (No, not THAT sort of adult session! :-) hahaha)

I am intrigued now as to what happens in America


Suzer said...

"Surely they don't stop kids jumping in and playing do they?"

Yes they do...there is no jumping in or splashing allowed, and it makes for a much more pleasant pool experience for the rest of us;) Much like libraries in the commonwealth, those in power don't seem to have any inclination to do their jobs.

Fay said...

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You are doing a wonderful job with this blog and I'm honored to add another quality women's blog to our directory.

Thank you and keep up the outstanding work!