Monday, 12 October 2009

10 Things I Have Succumbed To

Over at Pond Parleys, Michael and Toni are talking about the things they haven't yet succumbed to in their 'new' countries, as well as things they cling to from their place of origin. I thought I'd take a slightly different angle and write about 10 things that I have succumbed to since arriving in Australia over a year and a half ago.

1. Eating kangaroo and Vegemite. Both are healthy and versatile, and both can be ingredients for chili:)

2. While I'm still learning how to speak strine, I reckon it's heaps good not to resist the local slang!

3. (Some) Aussie pronunciations and spelling. I know pronounce my H's (although only when saying the letter on it's own; herb is still 'erb) and Z is 'zed'. U is added to words like colour, labour, harbour, etc and seems like second nature these days.

4. Mint sauce with lamb. Paula will hate me for this...I tried not to, but I had this amazing homemade mint sauce that was just to die for at an xmas in July party, and then some marinated lamb chops last week that were out of this world. If the mint sauce is made well, there are few things comparable!

5. Another one on the food theme is using both a knife and fork to eat my food. It still seems a bit posh, but it actually works pretty well.

6. Roundabouts, which scared the crap out of me about a year ago, make traffic run so much smoother. I still slow down a bit too much at some times when entering them, but better cautious than crumpled I say.

7. Talking to strangers is at least a weekly occurrence here. Back home, I saw the same people at the bus stop for years on end, would never have thought of saying a word to them, and probably would have thought them nuts and had my keys on my knife as a weapon in the case of them speaking up.

8. Haggling in shops is the done thing, particularly if you're buying appliances or furniture, and I've saved a decent amount this way.

9. I have a clothes line in the basement, which I'm sure I've mentioned before, and hang all of my laundry to dry. I do miss a proper vented tumble dryer, and will probably get one again someday, but it's no longer a necessity.

10. Last but not least, having the toilet in a separate room to the bath/shower seems a perfectly acceptable, and even good, set up!

While most of these things felt strange and uncomfortable to begin with, they're now second nature. Hopefully, in another 1 1/2 years I'll have 20 things to list!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic list Suze!

I too still dream of Robbies mint sauce from the Xmas party, mmmmm

I must also add to my list

ANZAC biscuits - who knew the Aussies could create such a culinary delight
Buying your alcohol 'drive through' - seemed so bizarre at first but now strikes me as a super convenient idea
Non-supermarket food shopping - still being able to get fruit and veg at the fruit and veg shop, and fantastic bakeries
Morning Tea at work - people brining in baked goods to have with work colleagues to celebrate birthdays, etc

Maya said...

Fun post to read. I still can't do kangaroo or Vegemite, but I have also succumbed to several of the same things as you. Somethings--roundabouts, talking to strangers, eating with fork and knife and lack of clothes dryer--I never even thought of as unique to my life in Australia, since I had become accustomed to them in Spain.

MikeH said...

Great post, Suzer, and glad to see we inspired you ;)

By the way, I hate Vegimite, and it's bastard cousin, Marmite. I would quite like to try kangaroo, however.

Anonymous said...

Cool list Suzer. I have to say that nice people are everywhere as there are mean people everywhere. The other day I got lost and this nice woman went to her car, showed me in the map how to get to the place I wanted to go, and then ended up giving me a ride to that place, to the very door! How nice is that? Ten you have the old farts who berate you in the bus because "you are not in America anymore, you are in Adelaide" or, the young "old farts" who make fun of your accent or your English. I got the same array of people back in the US. Long story short: the place is made by people and the best we can hope is for places made more of nicer people than from mean people.

Laine Moore said...

You inspired me to write of my love of the yeast extracts!

I'm starting to love the haggle. I did it today to buy my conditioner! 10% off for studying within "the industry."

Arizaphale said...

You have a basement? That in itself is un-Australian! :-D

Anonymous said...

I can forgive the mint sauce, but the the kissing cousin to Marmite.....I don't think I can....its just SO awful! I don't blame have been seduced by the dark side!

Muddiah said...

good on ya', mate!

Kitty said...

How did you used to eat if it wasn't with a knife and fork? Sorry, I'm not having a go (had to drop in some 'strine), but I know enough Americans to know that you don't use your fingers..... Or chopsticks for that matter.

Oh, and I can't stand mint sauce on my lamb. Give me a good gravy any day!!!

A Free Man said...

Kangaroo's heaps good, rare on the barbie.