Sunday, 18 October 2009

What's Your Blogging Code of Conduct?

A Free Man's most recent blog post gave me pause to think about my unwritten blogger code of conduct. It's far too easy to say things online that you wouldn't say in person, and easier yet to forget you're saying them to a larger audience. A few things I keep in mind when blogging:
  • No last names (for some level of anonymity)
  • Never bag your significant other; it's just not cool.
  • Never bag your family; they'll get you back.
  • Never say anything you might later be embarrassed to admit you've said (which should really go for verbal speech as well)
  • Never say anything that could get you into real trouble in real life
  • Don't talk about where you work (same reason as why there are no last names)

When I began blogging, it was more so I could retain all of my stories of life abroad in one place, and avoid the dreaded group emails. Now that I can see I've had approximately 4,000 views of my profile in the last 4 years or so, and have my blog listed and writings posted on other expat sites, I realise that I have some responsibility for my actions here, so to speak. I'd love to babble on about my political views, or give you my thoughts on my workplace, but then I'd have to be accountable for pissing somebody off;)


Arizaphale said...

Aww hell. We all piss someone off sooner or later. :-) I struggle with the whole anonymity thing. My girlfriend however did lose her job over a blog which kind of put me on the backfoot for awhile. In the end I started mine to keep in touch with family and friends and to sound off about parenting so I try to keep that as my focus.

A Free Man said...

I've been rethinking all of it as well. It's a lot easier than we might think for people to make the connection between "real life you" and "blogging you", pseduonyms, no Christian names and all. Trust me. I started blogging for the same reason as you did and it has all gotten a bit out of hand.