Thursday, 8 April 2010


On the 3rd April, I celebrated two years of residency in Australia. As mentioned in a previous post, I set the 2 year mark when I first got here as a sort of milestone, committing myself to having patience with the frustrations of living in a new place, with a new husband, being a new homeowner, on the search for the right job. I can say with confidence that at this point in the game, any frustrations I feel are the normal frustrations of a homeowner/wife/professional. The intial annoyances of being an expat have mostly worn off (although I still get irritated when someone at the shops asks me how long I'm in Oz on holidays) and I do feel at home here. I'm still wanting a few major things completed on the house, and a newer car would be nice, but I have the job I want, I've made some friends, and Adelaide is where I want to be.


Muddiah said...

Actually have it marked in my 'Birthday Book'. Congratulations!

A Free Man said...

Well done. You got here a few weeks before I did. I feel at home now. But then that's what it is.

I never get asked if I'm on holiday in shops. I wonder why they pick you out?

Maya said...

Glad to hear that you are where you want to be, and that it is feeling like home. I felt it was much easier to adjust to life here in Adelaide than it was in Spain, but maybe that was just because we had already gone through the process once. I've never had anyone assume I am here on holidays.