Tuesday, 6 April 2010

We Bin to Mel-Bin

Because it's NOT pronounced Mel-born! All in all, it was lovely to have a weekend away and time together exploring a new place. That being said, I can't recommend Melbourne as an international tourist destination. We here in Adelaide have heaps better sights to see.
For example, we have beaches. They have to do their diving in the CBD.
There's only one TV in Melbourne, and you have to go to Federation Square to watch.
Despite all this, we enjoyed our weekend, taking in the sights.

Made new friends.
Ate heaps of sweets.

Steve enjoyed the artwork.

And I was overjoyed to procure a bottle of watermelon Jarritos on our last day.


emseedubya said...

Melbourne's the fashion and culture capital of Australia. You go there to shop, eat, listen to live local music and that's about it. No landmarks persay but definitely worth a visit to anyone in the world who values those things!

Suzer said...

If Melbourne is the fashion and culture capital of Australia, we should all jump ship!

Muddiah said...

Enjoyed your pictures. Did Steve pose for that one, or did you catch him in the moment:) What's this about only 1 TV in Melbourne??