Wednesday, 5 April 2006

Welcome to the good 'ole US of A

The good 'ole USA where:

-people can't queue worth their lives, so it takes three times as long to board an airplane
-they lose your luggage than act as though you're bothering them when you ask them to look for it instead of just filling out a claim form

Ok, enough of the ranting. I got to sleep in my own bed last night, ahhhh. Mom killed the fatted calf and made steak, mash, spinach, guacamole and cheescake topped with cheeries. My kitty acted as though I never left and rolled all over my clothes when I unpacked, then took a sleep on my suitcase.


steveg said...

Glad to hear you got there Ok...

As for the queueing - well it seems we can teach you folks something after all then!! hahaha :-)

Say hi to your mum for us


Windsong1018 said... is good! Well, we miss you and I bet your Steve does too!

Enjoy your visit and a big hug to your Mom from us!

Windsong & Steveg

Suzer said...

Thanks guys:) Thing are going well and I'm enjoying myself. Went out last night to an old fav in Chicago and got some buffalo quesadillas...a great American sized portion...half of it is sitting in the fridge now;)