Monday, 10 April 2006

Why America is a superior country;)

Facing the thought of coming back to jolly old england and a dorm room... There are definitely some things to look forward to, but you know what, America ain't so bad and I would choose it in a second over the UK these days. Everything costs less (well, other than heathcare, but at least you don't have to die waiting for procedures), the food is miles better, infrastructure rocks (really missed driving) and the houses are way bigger (the mcmansions, as my mom would call them, are ridiculous, but i'd take my mom's over a typical english house anyday). I can complain about things without being labeled an american, which is nice too;) Now, to get my redneck neighbor to take down the tattered american flag on the front of his house. What a disgrace! I mean, come on, some things are sacred...


Muddiah said...

Nothing like a little absence to make the heart grow fonder:-. Makes me chuckle to see you bothered by Carl's tattered flag. Yep, nothing like the good old U.S. of A!!! Best place in the world to be born female.

Br1ck said...

When it has all been said and done
USA is the best land under the sun


I'm curious though... Is it only the best place to be born female, or...? Should I have picked a different country of origin? :P

Suzer said...

now here's a question---how can one be patriotic without sounding like a redneck...

it is a good country, ain't it;)

hmmm, good point. guess it depends on what yr lookin for. i think what she's referring to is opportunity and independence. men can have that in many places. women have the best chances in the states. i encounter slight sexual discrimination even in the uk, so i would believe the US is at least one of the best countries for women.

banocrates said...

I'd switch places with you in a heartbeat ...

Muddiah said...

Ditto to what suzer said. The US is a great country for anyone to be born in, but especially us women
who have such opportunity here as opposed to many places around the world!!

Suzer said...

"I'd switch places with you in a heartbeat ..."

yes, well you've got a very good reason for that;) hope things are going well in the process of trying to get back.

steveg said...

"When it has all been said and done
USA is the best land under the sun"

Not wishing to be rude in any way - but that is of course only your opinion - and not surprising either as you are American - that's fair enough; but on the other hand it is only your opinion - personally I think America is a fine place, and Americans are wonderful people but it is not necessarily the best land under the sun, nor the best place to be born. I am British and proud of it, and would never consider changing my nationality, even though I may end up living in the US. Different places in the world are just that: Different - neither better nor worse (presuming of course we are talking about Modern first world countries).

Suzer said...

hoping you aren't offended steve...

do you think women's rights in the UK are just as good as in the states? just curious...


steveg said...

No of course I'm not offended, and I sincerely hope I didn't offend, I was merely trying to point6 out that even though br1ck said it an assuredly believes it - others may think differently - that's fine "Vive La Difference" :-)

Women's rights?

Hmm difficult one for me to answer - firstly, not being a Woman and secondly, to be honest, never really thinking about it.

I cannot really see what differences in "rights" exist between the 2 countries, can you give me some pointers as to what you mean? After all women have a great deal of support and protection in law in thsi country - I cannot thinks of something here which is outrageously different to a woman in the US.

In fact I would think that for a pregnant woman - things are rather better here with her maternity leave rights on full pay (My colleague who sits 6 feet away will be on fully paid leave for 6 months from next month!)

Help needed to answer you question more fully


Suzer said...

Ha, and of course here's me that doesn't believe women should be given any pay while off taking care of kiddies. Pregnancy is choice, not a disability...

I guess I should make my mom back up her claim that the US is the best place to be born as a woman;)

Muddiah said...

Humm, guess I'll have to give some thought to your comments,Steve, concerning the USA and women's rights as I've only lived in the USA and just visited other places for short periods of time. I think that's your experience also; born and raised in the UK and perhaps visited the US for short period of time?? However, it's not only my opinion, but an opinion voiced and shared by many US citizens and others who've settled here from other places, including the UK.

Guess it's pride in my country, even though I don't agree with many things that we do, or our politicians do in our name, that makes me believe that the US is the best place for me to have been born and lived for all these years.
I like the way we can speak out and say what's on our minds without fear of reprisal, and that women can do and be whatever they want. There are still inequalities between women and men, but not to the extent that there were in the past.

Also, in reading, I find that women who live in countries where they are repressed and trying to liberate themselves look to the US as a model and a place to go and live the lifestyle they are seeking.

Ah, well, don't think we'll settle this argument, but it's good to be forced to put one's thoughts into writing in order to clarify one's beliefs.

steveg said...

Yes of course it's pride in your country - and quite right too! and of course you think it's the best, or you wouldn't live there, you would move to where you did think was the best (if you could!).

To answer you comments on women's rights though - Women here have just the same rights as you list, also enshrined in law as yours are. As far as women living in repressed countries looking to the US as a model - I'm afraid I have to disagree with you there, in many 3rd world countries it is quite the reverse (especially if from a Muslim background) We in the UK have a far higher percentage of Muslim and ex colonial country immigration than the US, many apecifically bypassing other European countries where they would be perfectly safe to come to britain (but that may be because of the free health service and the liberal benefits (social security) system).

Women can - and very often DO - do exactly what they want in this country too (short of carrying handguns in their bags!!)

Bear in mind the UK is far ahead of the US in acknowledging that women are the equals (if not superiors) to men in the higher corridors of power - we have at least had a woman prime minister and a female head of state. I cannot see this happening in the short term in the US (well Hilary Clinton may be a consideration, but could she win do you think?)

I rather think that the US and the UK are nearer than you may think in matters relating to womens rights, but that is it - womens RIGHTS - this may not actually be same in practice as it is in law. It is one things to say that employers for instance cannot discriminate against women purely because they are women, but entirely another thing to prove it is being done, and I'm sure it is being done by some people in both countries.

In the UK we also have (as I said) a higher level of muslim immigrants and some of the male muslim attitudes to females is unacceptable, both to the populace and in law, but catching it and stopping it is another matter.

I agree the matter probably won't be settled quite so easily - shall we call it a draw?? :-)

best Wishes


Suzer said...

do the high numbers of muslims etc have anything to do with the ease of getting here as opposed to the US, though?

steveg said...

Possibly, but it may also have to do with the fact that there is virtually a complete overland route to this country (excepting the English Channel, and that's only 22 miles!) - The fact that the Indian sub continent is an ex Britsh colony, and this includes Pakistan and Bangladesh and finally the ease with which illegal immigrants can not only get into this country but are able to stay even if they get found and refused leave to stay.

With the exception of the Mexican border, America is pretty much free from the wholesale illegal immigration we suffer from here (I am not counting Canadians in this as I reckon they mostly go back again!!) :-) (Michael J Foxx excluded!)


Suzer said...

yes that's what i meant.

michael j. fox is canadian? i didn't know that.

steveg said...

"michael j. fox is canadian? i didn't know that."

Yep he sure is - I have his autobiography here if you ever want to read it - It goes into how he started with Parkinsons disease and what he tried to control it etc - good book


P.S. and few more (Non) Americans for you (All are British - or at least were born here anyway)

Stan Laurel
Bob Hope
Jerry Springer
Kim Cattrel

Muddiah said...

Steve, I typed up a big long response to your "shall we call it a draw" comment earlier that somehow got lost in cyberspace. At the end of it I did agree that we're both fiercely loyal to our country of birth with all of it's flaws and yes, indeed, we shall call it a draw.:-)

Susan, you didn't know Michael J. Fox was a Canadian? How about Peter Jennings? Both a Canadian and of Scottish heritage, and so very proud of his new American citizenship just a few years ago, by the way. :-))

Suzer said...

I knew about Peter Jennings, and good to hear we can disown two sluts from steve's list;)

steveg said...

Who is Peter jennings?

Muddiah said...

Kindof shocks me that you don't know who Peter Jennings is, but I guess there's no reason for you to know. He was the anchor for ABC network news, one of the three major news stations here in the US.
Think he was the anchor for about the last 20 years. He was diagnosed with lung cancer (yes he had been a smoker) a little over a year ago, announced it on the news April 2005 and died last August.
He's been in the news industry since his teens, started out in his native Canada, moved on to the states. He became a US citizen about 2 years ago and was quite emotional about it. Just a great guy and my newsperson of choice along with public television's Jim Lehrer.