Friday, 16 February 2007

Detroit & Henry Ford

Spent our V-day this year at the Henry Ford museum and factory. It was surprisingly much more interesting than I'd anticipated;) Best of all, the 300 schoolchildren who were supposed to be visiting that day were stuck at home as school was cancelled on account of the snow. For as many times as I've visited the Detroit area, I don't ever remember seeing the downtown. It seemed like a mini Chicago to me, with some fantastic architecture. Pics, going clockwise, are: the Uniroyal tire on I-96 just before Dearborn, GM headquarters, a Canadian snow plow, a description of pic 5, see pic 4, and a shot of downtown Detroit.


steveg said...

Nice pics Suz

Glad you liked the Ford Museum, I was well impressed with it myself.

I see they have some snow there - Weather here is starting to turn, not as cold (still wet) and evenings getting a bit lighter each day - can't wait for spring to sprung!

Take Care


Suzer said...

I know. I'm going to go from 30s here to 90s in a day;) Winter straight to summer!