Saturday, 17 February 2007

Doing the big pack

Countdown is now 13 days and it's time to organise and pack up, yet again. I've spent part of this morning cleaning my shoes and sponging off the wheels of my suititcases. The former included taking a small screwdriver and scraping out bits of muck and little pebbles from the crevices of my sandals. I'm not being anal---these are Australian environmental rules. I guess if your shoes etc have any traces of soil and whatnot, they get would your suitcase!


Renae said...

Dear Suz,

Greetings from Green Bay, Wisconsin, which is about 4 hours north of Chicago.

Sorry to impose upon you prior to a big trip but my hubby and me would like to visit Ireland. Not sure of where to begin planning other than to consider tour companies. Might you know of any companies to consider (or avoid, for that matter).

Happy Traveling!
Renae from Green Bay

Suzer said...

hey renae,

intrude away. will email you to give you some tips.