Friday, 2 February 2007

Steve's American experiences


1. Steve: "Susan, quick come down here for a second."
Susan: "What?" (upon reaching the front door)
Steve: "It's gone now."
Susan: "What's gone?"
Steve: "A rabbit!"
Susan: "Um, so...they're all over."
(I guess they don't have them in Australia. There were so many they built a fence to keep
them out, so you only see them out in boopity-bop-ville.)

2. At Dunkin Donuts one night
Steve: "What flavour is namon?"
Susan: "What?"
Steve: "Namon, see over there (pointing to the Munchkins)."
Susan: "LOL!"
Steve: "What?"
Susan: "That's Cinnamon! The first few letters are covered over by the other one."

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