Saturday, 17 March 2007

Fort Denison

Took a day trip out to Fort Dension, which is a small island out in the harbour which was initially used as a jail & defense about 200 years back. Pics of Circular Quay also included.

So far, we have visited/seen:

Bondi Beach was an experience, as we decided to walk and, ahem, weren't quite sure of exactly how to get there;) Ended up walking well over an hour in temps close to 90, I'd guess. Then, after we got there and had some lunch, it started to rain. Didn't stop us getting in the water. I'm quite convinced I've never actually been in the ocean before. Forgot it was going to be salt water until I got a big wave the face. The water was far less than calm, so I simply stayed as near to the shore as the kiddies were, but it was quite enjoyable.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, by the way. Didn't actually realise it was the day until after 2pm today. We're celebrating tomorrow, and due to the Harbour Bridge having it's 75th anniversary, there are no festivities:( I don't think we can get green beer here, but regular will do;)

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Maria said...

Think the closest you've been to the ocean is the Gulf of Mexico on trips to Florida. Clicked on all the sights and found the reason for the naming of Manly somewhat amusing.

Think you've seen as much or even more in your two weeks in Sydney than your two months in Chicago!
Must be that lovely weather! :-)