Tuesday, 13 March 2007

A week later and pics

Well, been here slightly over a week and have managed not to burn yet. What a bother slapping sunscreen on every bit that shows before heading out every morning. The other side of that is that it feels like I'm on a tropical vacation. Despite the drought, it's very lush and green here (guess the tourists get the benefit of more water used in the city, since residents aren't even allowed to wash their cars...ever!). We've been running around like mad, seeing places and people. I think we pretty much avoided jetlag in the beginning completely, but have still been mildly tired from the activity. Good news is we're shedding out excess Chicago winter weight;)

Pics include, in no particular order at the moment as I may add more although you should be able to figure them out: the Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, the City from the Botanic Gardens, the City Centre (a street), a building on the same street as our hostel, the beach and the Botanic Gardens again.

Random facts about Australia:
  • Voting and recycling are mandatory

  • They have no one or two cent coins, so prices get rounded up or down. Steve told me to keep a log, as it will show me it all evens out, but I was still salty about losing my first 2 cents:<

  • Sunbathing topless is legal and overall, I would guess I am the most clothed woman Steve has ever dated judging by how these women dress, or how little they dress. Please someone tell me next time I'm home if I've turned into a hoochy;)


Maria said...

Nice Pics! Notice that all the cars on the street scene are grey. Wondered if this is to cut down on heat absorbed by the car?
No pics of Susan and Steve??

Suzer said...

Nah there are plenty of different colours here with cars. Lots of El Camino type cars, which they call Utes (not sure why).

Did you forget what we look like already;)

Windsong1018 said...

Lovely pictures! You seem to be adapting okay!

Will write mor later!