Thursday, 17 April 2008

Free Lightbulbs

I walked into the bathroom this morning to find my husband using the brand new hand towel I'd purchased last week (and the only one we have at the moment) to clean off the mirror. I'd been wondering why it had recently been replaced backwards the past few days. So much for making things pretty and keeping them clean:/ I have to cut him some slack though, since Steve's got his 2nd cold in two years, and doesn't seem to know quite what to do about it, and at the same time was headed off for 3 interviews today. I'm sure he'll come home a wreck. I'm enjoying the joys of being a homeowner, and waiting around for the light bulb replacement guy to show up, after which I'll be waiting on the gutter quote guy to come by. The light bulb replacement guy is unique to South Australia as far as I know. There's a government program going on at the moment where, if you ring up 1-800-368-476 and make an appointment, not only will they send someone out to replace all of your lightbulbs with energy efficient ones, they will also replace some element of your shower so that you decrease your water usage from 21-23 liters per shower down to 9. We can't take advantage of the latter as we have gravity fed water (whatever that means I'm not 100% sure), but we've got about 30 light bulbs which we're having replaced. The fella I made the appointment with was very excited about this, as he had previously been cautioning me we had to have at least six. Lol! Who has less than 6 light bulbs in their home?! I've been warned contractors here are always late or no shows, and light bulb replacement guy is now ten minutes late. As long as he doesn't overlap with gutter quote guy, it's all good.

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