Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Life is Good

I've heard Adelaide described in two ways--Australia's largest country town, and one of Australia's hidden gems. I think it's a bit of both, so long as you don't take the former as a negative. People who live here, my husband included, seem to be very town proud. On my first stay in Adelaide, last year, it's fair to say I was fairly miserable. I've always liked Steve's family, so that wasn't an issue, but we were here as transcients on my 4 month working holiday visa, and with another international move to New Zealand, marriage and the preparation and wait for a spousal visa looming, life was hectic even if not uncertain. I projected that on my environment to an extent, and with Steve being very close to his 'mates', and me so far from my own, with not a lot of time to begin to make some new ones, life was a bit lonely. This time around though, things are very different. With 9 months in New Zealand, and in the same job the entire time, I had more stability than I'd had in my past 3-4 years of backpacking, study abroad and general nomadic life. Confidence restores inself in those situations and while the wait for the Australian spousal visa was long and tedious, my fears about coming back to Adelaide ended up to be unfounded. It's gorgeous here, we have our own wonderful house, and I've done enough work ahead of time to ensure I'll have a decent job/career and acquiantences from start. My fantastic job and co-workers in NZ has given me a new career direction as well, which I am grateful for. I have two definite meet ups planned with individuals/groups and more in the works, and some very good job prospects, so I should be working next week or so. Life is good.

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Muddiah said...

Reminds me of something I heard many years ago..."when you're standing in the pouring rain, it's difficult to imagine the sunshine".
You, my dear, have come out of the rain into full sunshine! I think it'll last awhile.